MPP Brickell
Producto Certificado por Marca Perú
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Causa festival $19,00 Causa festival

Mashed potatoes with lemon juice and mild yellow pepper, crabmeat with crabmeat, escabeche, passion fruit, and olives.

Cevichitos $20,00 Cevichitos

Three cevichitos: grandma's style, three peppers and exotic style.

Cold MPP Bites $18,00 Cold MPP Bites

Two shots of clams with mild yellow pepper, two samples of octopus in olive oil, and two shots of mussels Chalaca style.

Maki Causas Roll $18,00 Maki Causas Roll

Five causa makis filled with panko-coated prawns, avocado, cucumber, and topped with fish and chalaca style sarsa.

Mixed carpaccio $20,00 Mixed carpaccio

Thinly-sliced salmon, octopus and tuna  with a dressing of olive oil, vinegar and fragrant hot pepper.

Octopus with olive oil $20,00 Octopus with olive oil

Slices of selected octopus marinated prepared with lemon and olive oil.

Our Tigers´ Milks $20,00 Our Tigers´ Milks

3 Shots of ceviche base lime juice topped with fried calamari, rocoto pepper with prawns, and crabmeat in mild yellow pepper.


Peru Tataki $18,00 Peru Tataki

Seared tuna with lemon juice and soy sauce, with avocado and mango.

Three flavors potatoe $16,00 Three flavors potatoe

Boiled potatoes with our exquisite sauces: huancaína sauce, ocopa sauce, and rocoto pepper sauce.

Tuna Lollipops $18,00 Tuna Lollipops

Four tuna lollipops dipped in soy sauce, sesame seed oil, lemon and yellow pepper.

Nombre del plato $12,00 Your choice potatoe

Boiled potatoes with one of our exquisite sauces: Huancaina sauce, Ocopa sauce, or rocoto pepper sauce.


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